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Air Purifying Plants Combo (Areca & Pathos money Plant)

Air Purifying Plants Combo (Areca & Pathos money Plant)

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The areca palm is one of the palms that is most frequently used for light interiors (Chrysalidocarpus lutescens). It has beautifully arched fronds with up to 100 leaflets each. These robust, substantial plants command attention.

Out-standing Features

By absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing more oxygen, the areca palm plant is known to raise oxygen levels in the air. The areca palm cleans the air we breathe by absorbing harmful pollutants and VOCs from the atmosphere. Areca palm has a reputation for lowering stress levels and boosting mood. They make a great humidifier for the home.

 Pothos Money Plant- Epipremnum aureum

 The foliage and quick growth of pothos plants make them mostly employed as indoor plants. Their spherical, coin-like seed pods are what set them apart. One of the top natural air purifiers for your house, as recommended by NASA. It has the potential to purge the environment of formaldehyde, benzene, carbon dioxide, and many other air pollutants, improving the health of everyone around it. According to Vastu, it draws in and activates good energies, which boosts productivity.


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