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Fittonia Mini Green & White, Zebra Haworthia Plant

Fittonia Mini Green & White, Zebra Haworthia Plant

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Green Fittonia Plant , popularly known as Nerve Plant, is a spreading evergreen with striking foliage. This evergreen plant has delicately veined deep green leaves that add colour to your décor.They make great easy to care for house plants and lush-green foliage makes it ideal for containers in office or houseplants. Note - We send fresh and healthy plants our packaging material and method both are perfect and according to plant and we also use fertilizers while packing but due to transport some flowers petals and leaves can damage but there is no worry because with some care of plant leaves and flowers will sprout again.

Haworthiopsis attenuata, formerly Haworthia attenuata, commonly known as zebra haworthia, is a small species of succulent plant from the Eastern Cape Province, South Africa. As an ornamental, it is one of the most commonly cultivated of the Haworthiopsis species.


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