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Golden Money Plant With Red Round Plastic Pot

Golden Money Plant With Red Round Plastic Pot

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Golden Money Plant – Epipremnum aureum goldii

Golden money plant has an attitude of never giving up and leading the road by creating path for itself, which makes it a very good example of progress and success. This plant adapts to almost every environment and makes the corner of your home a place to sit and connect with nature. It is a perfect companion to set your home with positivity and health.

The Plant Gossip

  1. Plant Essentials

Feeding/Fertilizer: Use only the organic fertilizers which are rich in nutrients once in a month during the winter season while during spring and summer, repeat the feeding after every two weeks. You can also use the home-made fertilizers like cow dung manure at the time of potting and repotting.

Repotting: When you see that your money plant is flourishing well and the becomes the root bound, then you can repot it in a larger pot than the previous one to give it a better space for growth.

Propagation: Golden Money plant is one the easy and good to go indoor/outdoor plant which can adapt and grow at any situation. Its propagation takes place through stem culturing. Simply cut the stem ensuring that there is at least one root node in each cutting, either root the cutting in water or plant it directly in soil ensuring that the root node is inside the growing medium.

  1. Common Problems

Leaves turning yellow: Too much of direct sunlight or over-watering can lead to yellowing of leaves. They prefer bright to medium indirect light. 

Leaves turning brown: Browning of leaves is caused by a variety of reasons like over-watering, too much light, or in worst case, it is caused by a root rot.

Turning of leaves yellow and wilting: Overwatering and poor drainage of the pot leads to yellowing and wilting of leaves. Adjust your watering schedule and use a well-drained pot to avoid leaves from dying.

  1. Home Décor Tips

Light Requirements: The money plant required bright and indirect natural sunlight to grow at its peak. Dark sunlight of the afternoon can harm or burn the leaves of this plant.  

Locations: Money Plants grow best in warm spots with indirect sunlight so pick a location accordingly. You can keep your money plant indoors in your living room or kitchen or even on your study table.

Styling/decor tip: The beautiful leaves and the long-lasting attitude of this plant makes the space happy and positive. Just give the proper nourishment and light to this plant and see it grow through the windows, walls, and shelves. The length and flourishment of this plant makes the space green and live.

Special Features

Money Plant is one of the most popular indoor plants in India. The heart-shaped leaves of this plant add another dimension to the house décor without creating any kind of mess or dirt.

It also has health benefits because it is known to have the ability to purify the air of the space.

According to the Vastu, this plant attracts positive energy with luck, wealth and prosperity to the home and owner and also removes the financial problems.

Due to its heart shaped leaves, it is known to bring long-lasting friendship.



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