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Green Money Plant With Metal Pot

Green Money Plant With Metal Pot

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Green Money Plant – Epipremnum aureum goldii

The green money plant has large green and yellow leaves which are glossy and heart shaped, making your home beautiful. This is a low maintenance plant which can grow in each and every environment making it suitable for your house.

The Plant Gossip

  1. Plant Essentials

Feeding/Fertilizer: In the winter season, feed the plant with an organic fertilizer once in a month and during spring and summer, feed the plant after every two weeks. Homemade fertilizers can be used as an option for the growth of the plant.

Repotting: Golden Money plant can adapt to every situation and environment. When your plant started growing well and roots get established in the soil, then you can repot the plant in a container larger than the previous one.

Propagation: The propagation of the plant take place through the stem culturing. In this, you can cut the stem of the plant but ensure that each stem has one root node than plant it in water or soil.

  1. Common Problems

Leaves turning yellow: Too much of direct sunlight or over-watering can lead to yellowing of leaves. They prefer bright to medium indirect light. 

Leaves turning brown: Browning of leaves is caused by a variety of reasons like over-watering, too much light, or in worst case, it is caused by a root rot.

Turning of leaves yellow and wilting: Overwatering and poor drainage of the pot leads to yellowing and wilting of leaves. Adjust your watering schedule and use a well-drained pot to avoid leaves from dying.

  1. Home Décor Tips

Light Requirements: The plant requires bright, indirect sunlight. Direct sunlight can cause burning of the leaves.

Locations: For its growth, the plant prefers warm place with indirect sunlight. You can place the plant according to your wish like on study tables, kitchen, office desk, lobby, and balcony.

Styling/decor tip: The beautiful leaves and the long-lasting attitude of this plant makes the space happy and positive. Just give the proper nourishment and light to this plant and see it grow through the windows, walls, and shelves. The length and flourishment of this plant makes the space green and live.


Special Features

The green money plant removes the air pollutants from surrounding air where it is placed. It removes formaldehyde and carbon monoxide from the air. Research studies shows that the presence of this plant at home or surrounding helps in reducing the stress, arguments, anxiety and insomnia resulting in better health of the owner.

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