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Phoolgram Syngonium Plant, Money Plant (Pack of 3)

Phoolgram Syngonium Plant, Money Plant (Pack of 3)

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Syngonium : A lovely plant with pink and green -shaped leaves that can add some color and charm to your space. It is also an air purifier and a humidity increaser. It likes bright indirect light and moist soil.

Green plant : This plant has trailing stems with variegated leaves that are green and yellow in color. It is one of the best plants for air purification and can remove harmful toxins such as , benzene, and xylene from the air. It can also boost your productivity and creativity by enhancing your mood and concentration. It is a low maintenance plant that can grow in low light conditions and can survive occasional neglect. Jade plant: A succulent plant that is also called the tree. It has thick, fleshy leaves and stems and can store water for a long time. It is a symbol of wealth and fortune. Aralia Variegated: A bushy plant that has palm-like leaves with white and green patterns. It can improve the humidity and oxygen levels in the air. These plants are ideal for your living room, bedroom, kitchen, balcony, or office. They can also make a great gift for your loved ones on any occasion. They are low maintenance and require minimal watering and fertilizing. They can thrive in any indoor environment and bring some nature and positivity to your space. Order this 3 plant combo today and enjoy the beauty and .

  • Phoolgram
Model Name
  • Syngonium Plant With Green Money Plant
  • Air purifier plant
Life Cycle
  • Annual
Plant Name
  • Syngonium Plant, Money Plant
Suitable Location
  • Indoor & Outdoor
Container Type
  • Pot
Container Material
  • Plastic
Feng Shui Plant
  • No
  • No
Net Quantity
  • 3



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