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Phulwa Exotic Plants

Money Plant With Glass Pot

Money Plant With Glass Pot

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Name : Phulwa Golden Money Plant With Glass Pot Office Decoration Gift (Home Gardening Healthy Live Plant)

Net Quantity (N) : 1

Product Breadth : 1.5 Cm

Product Height : 25 Cm

Product Length : 1.5 Cm

Product Weight : 0.4 Kg

Type : Money Plant

Money Plant has large, glossy, green, and yellow heart-shaped leaves which will increase the beauty of any indoor space. NASA has placed this plant among the top 3 houseplants which come in use for removing formaldehyde and carbon monoxide and increasing general indoor air quality, scientists also recommending keeping a money plant near a laptop, computer, television or wi-fi router helps in absorbing the radiation. The money plant is one of the best indoor plants because it does not need very much care and it can live in both water and soil as well. It is an Air Purifier plant as it efficiently removes indoor pollutants. According to Feng shui money plant is believed to bring good luck, wealth & prosperity to your home. NOW IT'S WAITING TO COME YOUR HOME OR IN YOUR OFFICE.

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