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Pothos Money Plant With White Square Plastic Pot

Pothos Money Plant With White Square Plastic Pot

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Pothos Money Plant- Epipremnum aureum

The foliage and quick growth of pothos plants make them mostly employed as indoor plants. Their spherical, coin-like seed pods are what set them apart. One of the top natural air purifiers for your house, as recommended by NASA. It has the potential to purge the environment of formaldehyde, benzene, carbon dioxide, and many other air pollutants, improving the health of everyone around it. According to Vastu, it draws in and activates good energies, which boosts productivity.

The Plant Gossip

  1. Plant Essentials

Light: Low sunshine, shade, or indirect sunlight are all necessary for this plant. Your plant will live longer if you keep it indirect bright sunlight or artificial light.

Water: This plant can thrive in both soil and water. To keep the plant's roots moist and healthy, it is preferable to use distilled or filtered water.

Soil: Soil needs to be light and airy.

  1. Common Problems

Yellowing of the leaves: This plant's leaves turn yellow for a variety of reasons, including frequent fertilization, excessive or too bright sunshine, or overwatering.

Stalks turning yellow and mushy: This occurs because of the plant being overwatered.

  1. Home Décor Tips

Locations: If you want to match the energy of the plant with the family's, the eastern corner of your house is the greatest location for it. If you place it next to the room's entrance, it will attract positive energy.

Style/decor advice: Aesthetic, inspirational, and health benefits can be obtained from this plant's rapid growth. This plant requires little upkeep. The creeping nature of this plant adds interest and beauty to the walls and surrounds.

Special Features

Green is a positive hue that can improve your surroundings. Pothos plants are low care and difficult to destroy, making them appropriate and sustainable gifts for someone who appreciates nature.



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