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Star Cactus in Blue Ceramic Pot

Star Cactus in Blue Ceramic Pot

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Know your Plant:-

Light Requirements: Outdoors, place star cacti where they will get at least six hours of daily direct sunlight. Put potted indoor cacti on a bright south or west-facing ledge to provide them with the minimum four hours of direct sunshine they require.

Water: Despite having a reputation as a desert plant, many cacti, including star cactus, benefit from the "soak and dry" method of cultivation. The plant should ideally receive a thorough soaking before being completely allowed to dry out in between waterings.

Temperature and humidity: Star cacti prefer warm summertime temperatures of at least 70 degrees Fahrenheit, with somewhat colder, more temperate wintertime temperatures. Unexpectedly, this plant can survive brief periods of as low as 20 degrees.

Humidity: It is not advisable to grow star cacti in humid climates since they could develop root rot and other problems.

Soil: Like most cacti, this species needs sandy, permeable soil that drains well. For indoor specimens, potting soils with perlite, gravel, and pebbles, as well as organic material to retain some moisture, are the best.

Home Décor tips: The cutesy and colorful appearance of cacti helps to relieve stress and decreases stress-related depression as we actively transfer our stresses into caring for the cactus. So, it’s preferable to keep it close to your workspace.

Special Features

When you and your family are inside the house, a cactus converts the carbon dioxide that has been released into the air into new, pure oxygen. Given how dirty indoor air is, this is clearly beneficial for your general health.

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