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Table Kamini Plant in white Round Plastic Pot

Table Kamini Plant in white Round Plastic Pot

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A charming natural dwarf type of Kamini is termed as "table Kamini." This plant has tiny leaves and sporadic ramifications. An evergreen plant called a table kamini with round, glossy, deep green leaves. If you're a newbie, this plant is the best to start with. It can be up to 10 inches tall. In soil that is healthy and well-draining, it grows beautifully.

Home Décor Tips

Light Requirements: The recommended amount of sunlight per day for flowering and plant growth is at least five to six hours of direct sunlight.

Water: When the top 1-2 inches of dirt in the pot feels dry to the touch, water the plant. Don't water the plant excessively. In the summer, water your plants thoroughly; during the winter and rainy season, water them less.

Temperature and Humidity: The Kamini Plant is a tropical plant, and it thrives well in hot and high temperatures. The minimum temperature at which this plant survive is more than 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, it prefers high humidity. The Kamini plant cannot survive in too cold temperatures, heavy frost, and snow.a

Soil: The soil should be fertile, well-draining, and abundant in organic matter.

Home Décor tips: Place the plant where it can get full sun, although it can beat partial shade. But a sunny window is the ideal place for the Kamini plant.

Special Features

Due to the plant's durability, broad range of soil resistance, and suitability for larger hedges, it is used for ornamental purposes. The plant continuously produces small, fragrant flower clusters that entice honey bees, while the fruits entice small frugivorous birds.

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