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Thuja Plant in White Round Plastic Pot

Thuja Plant in White Round Plastic Pot

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Evergreen Thuja With Tiled, Stacked Small leaves. They are Great Fits for Corners Due to their Natural Conical Shape and add the much Needed height to any Plant arrangement. its a beautiful small tree that given rustic Appearance. plant them as privacy hedges.

Thuja grow best in a full sun to partical shade.

Let the soil dry out in between Watering so as to ensure the stems dont root.

The right soil is especially important for the coniferous tree: tree of life require continuously moist soil, which should never remain dry for long. The thuja is quite adaptable when it comes to the ph value of the soil. with suffcient nutrients- such as humus, compost or homemade organic fertilizer.

A Perfect Gift For Loved One

this is a fast-growing plant which has aesthetic, inspirational and health benfit. This is an easy care plant. The creeping natural of this plant makes the walls and place exciting and attractive.

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