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Vishnu Kamal Plant in White Square Pot

Vishnu Kamal Plant in White Square Pot

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The meaty, pointy leaves of the evergreen Echeveria Black Prince Plant have a vivid green heart. It is recognized as one of the most wonderfully magical plants and is known by the name Vishnu Kamal. Succulent plants like Echeveria Black Prince have slow, low growth rates. Short rosettes grow in clumps as a result.

Home Décor Tips

Given enough of light—either full sun or partial shade—this plant thrives.

Put it in a sunny area, such as a patio or deck, to make sure they receive plenty of natural light. But if you leave them outside in the summer, give them some shade to shield them from too much harsh sunlight. They can survive the cold nicely indoors. Provide them with lots of light to promote healthy and compact development. 

Sand that drains well

Once established properly, irregular water is acceptable. 

Prefer a cool climate 

They make excellent choices for decorative houseplants due to their extremely diversified appearance. Indoors and in the greenhouse, grow them. They may even develop over time to resemble a bonsai.

Special Features

You will undoubtedly experience a unique outcome when you plant this plant alongside the Vidhi- Vidhan in your home. This result will eliminate the obstruction brought on by your money and allow a new dimension of wealth to open for you. It will also assist in keeping money flowing into your home or business if it cannot do so now.


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