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Xanadu Green Plant in White Self Wtering Pot

Xanadu Green Plant in White Self Wtering Pot

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 Xanadu Green philodendrons are huge, compact plants that are simple to grow. Each glossy, leathery leaf has between 15 and 20 unique lobes. This lovely, exotic-looking foliage plant may produce leaves that are up to 16–18 inches long and 7–14 inches wide.

The Xanadu is an upright plant, not a climber or vine, unlike many Philodendron varieties. The best aspect is that Xanadu's appearance improves with age.

 Home Décor Tips

Xanadu grows best in medium indirect light and requires more light than other philodendrons to keep its compact form.

You can position your Philodendron indoors in a south or west-facing window to shield it from direct sunshine while still giving it the ideal amount of light for growth. The Philodendron thrives best on balconies that are shaded.

 Average Water Needs; Water regularly; do not overwater.

Normal humidity. Mist the leaves several times a week with a spray bottle for a healthier plant.

Being tropical plant, it prefer hot climate.

Any good potting mix that drains well.

Anywhere in the house where can plant can't get exposed to direct sunlight.

Special Features

The veiny, sprawling leaves of the kings of foliage, the philodendron, are beautiful to look at and even better at removing atmospheric pollutants like carbon dioxide! The environment is visually and aurally brightened and refreshed by porous oxygenating leaves! The capacity for respiration and photosynthetic activity is improved due to the leaf's large surface area!

The various philodendron species' waxy leaves are excellent in trapping dust and keeping it out of the air. To permanently get rid of the dust, just wipe the leaves down once every day!

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