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Sansevieria Mint with Red White Pot

Sansevieria Mint with Red White Pot

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Sanseviera trifasciata 'Mint'

These plants are characterized by their leaves which are stiff, upright, and sword like in appearance. Their appearance makes them the first choice for modern and contemporary interior design. Their towering deep green fronds have a yellow stencil paint brushed around the edges. This plant has the following common names: Mother-in-law's Tongue, Devil's Tongue, and Snake Plant.

Air Purifying Plant

This plant comes among the best indoor plants by NASA which are known to purify the air and remove the formaldehyde and carbon monoxide present in the space around.

Bring Positivity at home

The presence of this plant at home or space brings happiness, wealth, and health to the owner. It is said that with every new budding leaf, good luck and prosperity comes to the owner.

A perfect Gift for loved ones

This is a fast-growing plant that has aesthetic, inspirational, and health benefits. This is an easy-to-care plant which makes it the first choice as a green gift.

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